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Old Sun 7th December 2008, 09:44 PM
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Smile Check engine...

Hi i resently purchased a 1994 Subaru liberty LX and absolutly love it! will be posting pictures soon...

I have noticed the check engine light appearing though everything is running smooth and fine, ive done 2000 KMs like this now!

I rang subaru and they said its to do with ECU, is this expensive to get fixed and what other explinations could be accounted for this problem?

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Old Mon 8th December 2008, 08:35 PM
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Hi there cloudy77,
I scaned the check engine codes from my
service and repair manual hope this helps.

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Old Mon 8th December 2008, 08:44 PM
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How to check fault codes
Under the dash on the drivers side there are two black/white plugs and two green plugs... these are used to reset the computer as discussed in another thread.... to obtain fault codes from the computer you just have to connect the two black/white plugs together and then turn the ignition on. The CHECK ENGINE light will flash the code repeatedly. Long flashes are the first digit, short flashes are the second digit. ie. long-long-long-short would be code 31. There may be several codes and it will cycle through all of them then start the series again. If it justs flashes in half second bursts continually you have no codes.

How to reset the ECU
To erase trouble codes from the computer you have two ways. The first I have not verified, but I'm sure it works.
ECU clear memory procedure is as follows for auto and manual transmissions:
1. With engine at operating temperature, turn engine off. Place gear shift lever into park (auto transmission cars only).
Locate the two ECU check connectors, for most cars they are located under the steering column and consist of a black plastic male and female connector, and a green male female connector. The exact location of the connectors varies with the different year models, but generally they are located under the steering column on the drivers side.
NOTE: sometimes they are still taped over with some small amount of plastic tape, so look hard, they will be there!
With the ignition OFF connect black to black and green to green.
Turn on ignition, do not start the engine, (and for auto transmission, cycle the gearshift lever from park to neutral and back to park ), depress the accelerator pedal to full throttle and hold for a few seconds, and then release. Start engine and then drive for at least one minute, keeping road speed above 10 mph.
ECU is now re-set.
At this point the check engine light should start to flash the all clear signal (steady 1/2 second interval flashes). If the check engine light does not flash, or indicates some other sequence, there is a fault present in the system, and should be checked for necessary repairs.
Once done, stop the car and turn off the engine.
Disconnect the plugs.

The way I usually erase the codes or "Reset the ECU" is by doing the infamous "battery dance."
NOTE: Do this on a "cold" engine. Leave it sit overnight and do it in the morning.
1. Disconnect the negative battery terminal cable for 45-60 minutes.
2. Reconnect the negative battery terminal cable.
3. Turn off all your accessories.
4. Start the car, but DO NOT touch the throttle at all.
5. Let the car idle for 10-15 minutes, or until the car is at normal operating temperature. Again, do not touch the throttle.
6. Turn the ignition key to the "OFF" position. That's it

11 Crank Angle Sensor or Circuit
12 Starter Switch or Circuit
13 Cam Position Sensor or Circuit (TDC Sensor on Justy)
14 Fuel Injector No. 1 (Legacy, Impreza, Justy, SVX)
15 Fuel Injector No. 2 (Legacy, Impreza, Justy, SVX)
16 Fuel Injector No. 3 (Legacy, Impreza, Justy, SVX)
17 Fuel Injector No. 4 (Legacy, Impreza, SVX)
18 Fuel Injector No. 5 (SVX)
19 Fuel Injector No. 6 (SVX)
21 Coolant Temperature Sensor or Circuit
22 Knock Sensor or Circuit (Right Side on SVX)
23 Air Flow Meter or Circuit (Exc. Justy)
24 Air Control Valve or Circuit (Exc. Justy)
25 Fuel injector No. 3 and 4 (XT-6)
26 Air Temperature Sensor (Justy)
28 Knock Sensor No. 2 (SVX, Left Side)
29 Crank Angle Sensor (SVX, No. 2)
31 Throttle Position Sensor or Circuit
32 Oxygen Sensor or Circuit (No. 1, Right Side, On SVX)
33 Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS) or Circuit
34 EGR Solenoid or Circuit
35 Purge Control Solenoid or Circuit
36 Air Suction Solenoid Valve (Impreza)
37 Oxygen Sensor (No. 2, Left Side, On SVX)
38 Engine Torque Control (SVX)
41 Air/Fuel Adaptive Control
42 Idle Switch or Circuit
43 Throttle Switch
44 Wastegate Duty Solenoid (Turbo Models)
45 Pressure Sensor Duty Solenoid (Turbo Models)
45 Atmospheric Pressure Sensor or Circuit (Non-Turbo Models)
46 Neutral or Parking Switch or Circuit
47 Fuel Injector
49 Airflow Sensor
51 Neutral Switch (Manual Transmission Models)
51 Inhibitor Switch (Automatic Transmission Models)
52 Parking Brake Switch (Exc. Justy)
53 Fuel Pump or Circuit
54 Choke Control System
55 EGR Temperature Sensor or Circuit
56 EGR System
57 Canister Control System
58 Air Control System
61 Fuel Tank Pressure Control Solenoid (Impreza)
62 Fuel Temperature Sensor (Impreza)
63 Fuel Tank Pressure Sensor (Impreza)
64 Vacuum Line Control Valve or Circuit
65 Vacuum Pressure Sensor
66 Sequential turbo system
67 Exhaust valve solenoid (positive pressure)
68 Exhaust valve duty solenoid
71 Ignition Pulse System
73 Ignition Pulse System
74 Ignition Pulse System
88 TBI Control Unit

Disconnect the plugs and you're done.
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Old Sat 13th October 2012, 01:36 PM
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Will these codes work for all non-OBD II Soobies? I'm having trouble as I keep seeing different numbers mean different sensors on different sites. Plus my Forester has a few codes up
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Old Sat 13th October 2012, 02:12 PM
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What year is your forester?

as Im sure one of the forester fsm's either I have ,or on the site here will have the codes in it.

http://www.troublecodes.net/Subaru/ this site has a comprehensive list of codes as well


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Old Wed 3rd July 2013, 12:06 AM
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Hi guys I have a base model 1999 liberty (manual of the 1999-2003 generation, and has been trouble free until now).
Tonight on my way home the check engine light came on twice about a min apart both times going down hill, however on the third hill nothing and not for 5 min after the light came on until i got home (though i drove slower to reduce load on the engine and the idle seemed normal when i got home).
The car has a recent service history (last 70, 000 ks) and is around 1 000 ks since last service, so 2morrow i will be under the bonnet checking basic things like fluid levels and belts but is there a way for me to check what the error code is at home (I live a long way out of town) if I can't find a problem and the light doesn't come on again should i still do anything about it (money is tight atm). Thanks.
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Old Wed 3rd July 2013, 06:21 PM
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never mind fixed it, it was just an air temp sensor issue
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