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Old Tue 28th March 2017, 02:11 AM
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Hey Crew

My noble stead overheated on me yesterday. It's a 1998 outback which I understand is pretty common on these things. Luckily I saw the temp gauge start to rise and shut her off. Ended up crawling to an incline, unscrewing the bleed screw, filled with coolant. Turned the heater on full and was getting cold air from the vents, no coolant flow? Eventually after more coolant/bleeding I started to get some warm air coming out so chanced the drive home and it sat bang in the middle the entire way home.

Had the head gasket tested with one of those pressure gizmos that has the solution which is supposed to change colour if there is a leak, all seemed fine.

I'm thinking it was likely an air lock, but what would cause it?

-89' L-series Ej22 build
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