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Old Sat 29th October 2016, 08:39 PM
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Sister's Gen3 Liberty "Basil"

Aaaand... we welcome a new subaru member to our family

My sister got a job that had a company car so she let the rego lapse on Sheldon, her old L series touring wagon.

Now she's moving jobs, only about 4 months since the rego lapsed, and no car with the new job. With a quick check over Sheldon and some talking we decided on something newer. I was aiming for a Gen3 Outback, but none were cheap when we were looking, but this Gen3 Liberty came up for an top price with a shot clutch - an RX too:

I've already pulled the engine to find it's got a dual mass flywheel. There's a solid Gen2 flywheel and clutch setup headed this way very shortly ($60 from pick-a-part ). Engine bay after a good spray up with cleaner and pressure washer - still dirty as but way better than it was!

I did the easiest driveshaft removal ever - knock the pins out, undo the hub bolt, push the gearbox one way, remove the shaft on the side the box was moved away from, then did the same on the other side. Awesome. Now to wait for the new boots to arrive to replace the generic stretchy boots that are on there now...

Downers, missing/bad paint on the front bumper and a decent ding under the rear right hand tail light. Dunno what we're going to do there just yet, it's still TBA.

It came with a set of factory weather shields, something I've not seen before (in factory trim):

I certainly didn't know they were a factory option, I've seen other ones that I believe are aftermarket units. These have "Subaru" embossed in them:

One thing that's got me concerned is a little (very small but still) puddle of oil on the passenger's bank with the engine sitting on the garage floor. It's an EJ251. I'm worried it's a HG issue. Can anyone confirm?

Other details: Some form of WRX rims as pictured.
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