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Old Fri 17th February 2017, 08:56 PM
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Originally Posted by TOONGA View Post
Believe it or not invest in something like this


Torque pro ( I have it for Android pm me your email for a copy)

And a an android phone or tablet with blue tooth

This Obd2 dongle works with my wife's 2010 TD forester and not only does it clear codes when calibrated to the vehicle (very easy) it has the engine parameters as well


boring video for torque pro

Have these (ELM & Torque Pro) and use them on other makes BUT they will not read the 'Bug'. After researching Code reading on Subie Sites, I have ordered an OBD2 VAG COM 409.1 Diagnostic Cable. Free SSM is installed awaiting the cable. This is purported to be the correct configuration for reading a GG.

IAT arrives next week. Hopefully this will be the fix.
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Old Wed 22nd March 2017, 09:16 AM
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I know it has been a little while but busy, busy etc.

The new IAT / MAP Sensor has been installed. Same problem, same code although the frequency is slightly less.

However, there is one new observation: after a rare excursion on the highway the code disappears and only recurs when back in city traffic. This car generally 'puddles' around town in stop / start traffic so I am beginning to think about a blocked CAT. We have totally exhausted all possible faults around the IAT / Throttle Body so whilst this (the CAT theory) may be "drawing a long bow" it fits with the symptoms - lethargic performance and rough idle.

More later. Looking at a replacement CAT to eliminate this.

The VAG connector works perfectly in reading and clearing codes. Thanks to Toonga for your input.
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Old Sun 16th April 2017, 07:39 AM
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Problem solved

The underlying problem was the Idle Air Intake Control Solenoid. The following paragraphs are for any other poor sod that is using a keyword search for this problem.

Our 2001 EJ 201 2.0 Impreza had a defective Idle Air Intake Control Solenoid. Performance wise the car behaved perfectly normal EXCEPT:
  • Check Engine Light was intermittently illuminated.
  • Performance was lousy when said light was lit.
  • There was absolutely no pattern to when the light came on.

During "Light On" and "Light Off" moments it idled perfectly.

We had replaced the IAT / MAP Sensor and TPS as well as cleaning the MAF and Throttle Body. No change. However, I found that the Idle Air Intake Control Solenoid had adjustment so I screwed the plunger out. This changed the frequency of the fault, thus leading us to the conclusion that this component was the problem. Replaced with a new one (Part A33-661) and "Bingo", back to normal. BEWARE! In our case this fault threw the following codes:
  • Code 0112 Intake Air Temperature Circuit Malfunction.
  • Code 1112 Atmospheric Pressure Sensor Circuit Range / Performance.
  • Code 0121 Throttle Position Sensor Circuit Range / Performance - High Input.

Furthermore, when current was applied to the solenoid it appeared to work correctly.

Anyway, some months later and the problem is finally solved.

Thanks to all who offered their input and counsel. AND HAPPY EASTER!!
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Old Sun 16th April 2017, 09:35 AM
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Good to see you got a fix for the problem as for the Idle Air Intake Control Solenoid not throwing a code I would believe it I had an EJ22 in my vortex and the VSS wasn't hooked up in the initial conversion,some ECU's work with out it others don't and the ECU never threw a code for the VSS it threw a code for the Idle Air Control Valve and after much dicking around I found the answer on a vanagon board as soon as the VSS was hooked up the fault vanished.

I hope it doesn't come back


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