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Monster wagon

As most ppl are probably aware I've ordered a couple of new bits for the wagon as listed in my signature...

3" is getting abit boring so may aswell go all-out and see just how capable/rediculous I can make it. Who knows maybe it won't work at all but there is really only one way to find out!

Can't wait to see the 6" kit in the flesh....apparently its very different in design to most 3" kits. For instance the three radius rod support blocks are now just one component (I think a few people on here have 2 or 3" kits built like this). Also there are not many long bolts used, rather the parts which bolt to the body are connected using most of the original L series body bolts. I'm going to need very long flexible brake lines at the front...longer radiator hoses....possibly a longer accellerator cable....god knows how the turbo dump pipe is going to clear the steering arm now. Oh and the exhaust will have to be changed heaps to bring it up to the body again. I'm assured that everything in the kit is structurally very very strong, lots of extra bracing here and there. It has to be because lets be honest, it's gonna cop a beating!

It will be good to finally have some decent brakes, better wheel bearings, stronger struts, rear handbrake and 15" wheels. The ********* kit is awesome because it brings so many upgrades in one hit.

I should be ready to bolt it all together in about 3 weeks' time once everything arrives so stay tuned and lets hope a driveable car comes out the other end!
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