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Intake air temperature sensor code 112

I am new to the Subaru World - my daughter has a much loved 2001 Bug Eye Impreza that, up to this point, has been an absolute delight. However, I will be appreciative of any assistance with our current problem. The Check Engine Light illuminates occasionally at which point performance deteriorates markedly. The code thrown (live and stored) is 112 - INTAKE AIR TEMPERATURE CIRCUIT MALFUNCTION. We have replaced the IAT Sensor, the connector and conducted a pin out check back to the EMS ECU. Additionally, there is a new TPS that has been set to specification.

I have re-set the ECU a couple of times BUT the problem quickly returns. It is totally intermittent with no pattern as to hot, cold traffic or highway.

Any ideas will be greatly appreciated as I am running out of ideas. The Impreza has 160K kilometres, is driven very gently and has been maintained almost fanatically.

Thanks in advance.
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