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Originally Posted by Dann View Post
I'm pretty interested, please and thank-you
As promised!

The dash mounted control pad. I have hacked up the panel behind to get the cable and plug through there but it looks neat where it needs to:

^ and yes, my interior is filthy

This is my setup with the magnets and sensor. The mounting bracket for the sensor is bolted to the back of the gearbox where there's a couple of tapped but unused bolt holes. 2 minutes in the shed and I found a bolt that did the job. This is how it has come up:

And this is the actuator that does the throttle work. Three wires and a vacuum line:

^ That fits in very well and also makes use of the liberty's cruise cable lever on the throttle body. Works well!

Last time I drove her the cruise was surging, not badly but enough to annoy me so I'll have to check that out tomorrow - I think it could be magnets moving on the wire so that they're not 180 degrees apart... Will have to do a troubleshoot tomorrow. I should also get around to tidying up the wiring as I want to put it in some conduit or the like.

Otherwise cruise is awesome on the freeway!


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