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Update time again and a short story... get a cup of coffee and some cake ready

for the last week or so I've had what I thought was a carby problem, under acceleration the engine would stall when the second barrel opened with a big gluuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrg, then when I took my foot off the pedal I would get power again.

So on Friday morning I was set to remove the 32/36 weber for a rebuild and use my 34 ADM while I did this. I put my daughter to bed (monitor in place so if she woke I would hear her)

I got the car into the garage and it wouldn't idle, it stalled so I got out got it going and gave the engine a rev. it was fine until the second barrel opened then glurrrrrrrrrrrg pop fizzle stall ... no restart, nothing but the flooded smell associated with a drowned engine. I pulled the lead for number 1 and placed a spark plug in the lead and placed it where it was earthed and I could see it no spark... uh oh out comes the test meter.

After testing everything I could, I decided to pull the dizzy and test the igniter and internal winding. The igniter was fine, the winding I wasn't too sure about I would get a reading then it would disappear. I noticed also that one of the brass poles in the cap had a wear mark from the rotor button.

Break out the new dizzy and coil whoooo hooooo ... Meme wakes up boo hoo hoo

Packed my tools away as quickly as I could, then went to free my daughter from the bedroom. (left PJ in the garage overnight)

Saturday morning - the first thing I had to do was wire the new dizzy correctly as for now I don't have a spare module. so I set everything up and put all the wires in their correct places ... SPARK from the coil ... a big fat hurty spark (do the happy dance?)

I found top dead centre lined the dizzy up for number 1, then the fun began the cap has screws not clips so I had to screw the cap back into place and then put the leads on. (what was that firing order again 4512 3178 1342 no wait 1324)

First start vroo..pop pop pop vrooo pop pop pop idle pop idle pop splutter stall.

So I swapped the leads for 2 and 4 at the plugs, thinking I had mixed them up. then I tried to start lots of backfiring no start, I put 2 and 4 back. then went to 1 and 3 and swapped them at the plugs, no start lots of backfiring with 3 foot flames ... mmmmmmmm warm ...mmmmmm loud .

still no joy and I was back to vroo..pop pop pop vrooo pop pop pop idle pop idle pop splutter stall.

Now I had a choice start moving leads on the cap or try starting the engine with 2 leads removed as the leads on the engine are easier to get to I removed 3 and 2 not for any real reason but because I was sure I had number 1 right.

I tried to start pop pop pop ... pop pop pop... SIGH.

I put leads 3 and 2 back on and swapped 1 and 4 at the cap and finally PJ starts. once the unburnt fuel cleared and the engine warmed up I timed to 8 degrees and went for a drive. there was no ping but acceleration was a little sluggish but she was running fine. back to the timing light and I set the timing at about 14 degrees (hard to tell with the marks) and I went for another drive ... no ping great acceleration FANTASTIC.

Test drive time I went and got fuel, as I was nearly empty by this time. Once I had fuel it was time to see how PJ was going. I stuck my foot into first gear and the engine revved quite happily to 4000 rpm (never did this with the old dizzy) the same with second and I hit 90 something KM/H before I changed into 3rd without a hitch. Next I went to my off road test track and loaded the engine up in first in the soft wet sand and drove right out of a set of canyonaro ruts like they weren't there.

Needless to say the car is running really well and my carby was never blocked (even if it was I'm pretty sure anything that was in the carby is now on the garage ceiling)

I will try to get pictures Later today as wifey has gone shopping and I'm babysitting.

now I need a coffee after typing this

nice new coil

Dizzy hiding under wires and power steering lines

Dizzy from another angle

My personal favourite the gap between the steering knuckle and the dizzy


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