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ok time for another update on the brumby

firstly a big thanks to everyone who has helped me to this point you know who you are (I'd like to thank my goldfish, my underwear,...... the list is long)

recently my ea81 decided it would get extremely tempremental so with the help of a free donor from a friend (Pete) in Perth, Paul (owe you still) put up with me while the engine was replaced (thanks again)

In the mean time work has progressed on frank my carby and dizzy run EJ motor

a manifold is being made to take a 350 holley and another is in the wings to take an SU 2''

an escort mark 3 dizzy was aquired (I will probably have to give up my firstborn for that one) and only slightly modified to fit (the keyway for the cam was machined a small amount)
lots of pics (lazy this morning)

and finally frank was beheaded to reveal a nice suprise

why you may ask did I/we take the heads off so the heads from and EJ22 with a cam/keyway could be used

the donor engine( why Stimpy why?)

so progress is being made still some parts needed (anyone care to donate a SOHC headgasket kit) (or a 21 spline 225 mm brumby clutch kit?)

and a big thanks to all those involved again


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