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  1. GLF5_82
    Tue 18th March 2014 08:58 PM
    or whether its worth getting the weber conversion kit?
  2. GLF5_82
    Tue 18th March 2014 08:56 PM
    Hi Paul, My names Elliott, I joined the forum last week, im the guy with the Leone 4 door you mentioned you have a workshop and are able to come by certain thing so I was just wondering if by any chance you have a carby, I think its Walker HI14K, I think that's the right one anyway (according to internet). It has this problem where at about 2000rpm the throttle sticks. Ive cleaned the linkages and checked the accelerator cable but cant seem to spot the problem so I though theres no harm in trying to find another carby and rebuilding it, along with new accelerator cable. If you do happen to have one lying around any idea of what it would cost? Its the first step in having my new lovely running like a brand new car

    regards Elliott

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