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  1. El_Freddo
    Sun 26th August 2012 09:31 AM
    G'day mate!

    Hope all's well. Any chance that you can make an appearance on the next trip? I know it's a long way but it's been ages between drinks
  2. El_Freddo
    Mon 26th March 2012 12:13 PM
    Still not going Been working on the $100 L series - actually, that's now the $99 L series - I found a gold coin under the driver's seat
    I'm halfway through the wiring - it's a PITA! Sooo much bloody wiring! Once this is sorted and she's started it shouldn't be long before she's out and about once again!

    I'm thinking Mt Cole, or for something really different, Grampians! I've got a road map of the area with the 4wd tracks and some mates out that way have given me a few to have a go at Maybe Mt Cole on our way over... Hmmm.
  3. NachaLuva
    Tue 20th March 2012 09:18 PM
    Hey Bennie, nice to hear from you. Perhaps Mt Cole? Hows ruby going?
  4. El_Freddo
    Sun 18th March 2012 01:12 PM
    G'day mate!

    I thought I'd be the first to drop you a visitor message I can't wait to get out on the tracks again with the crew - we need to catch up!

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