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  1. 1111giles
    Tue 12th October 2010 06:18 AM
    Hi there, sounds good, would you be able to make the set complete ie get me the extended thermo as I wont be able to get one here? What sort of wonga do you see it all worth?
    Maybe worth me investigating the overhaul here if its possible - or maybe get it done in Oz first.
    Pack and Send did the freight for the front cut and Trevor was a great help liasing for me. So no probs packing and doing the freight and papers bit.
    If you can get back to me that would be great plus if you have any images you could send to giles-walker@hotmail.co.uk that would help.
    As Steptoe said my engine will require threading for mounting we can do this no probs.
    Look forward to your reply.

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